Styling Tips || All Things Velvet

Styling Tips || All Things Velvet

A bit of history
Whether you want an entire couch covered in it, or prefer some more subtle touches, there is no denying that velvet is one of the most lush fabrics on the market today. It has definitely had a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, thanks to its soft and warm appearance and touch. People love being able to enjoy a fabric that feels as good as it looks.

Styling tips
Velvet is such a versatile fabric! The look, colour and texture is ever changing. The main thing to remember when styling velvet is that it is a bold fabric, so make it the focus. The way this fabric likes to reflect light from various sources is just one of the ways velvet adds depth and definition to any room. This is an exciting characteristic that highlights the shapes covered in this lush fabric and makes velvet furniture and accessories so visually appealing. Cushions that mix various textured fabrics, like velvet and linen are perfect for creating that comforting feel, which goes so well with bedrooms.

Shape speaks hugely for the kind of style you are trying to emanate. So, if you are keen on a more modern look, but cannot get enough of this beautiful and plush fabric, stick to clean lines— no frills, with only the most necessary ornaments. This will really help portray the modern, minimalist look you are going for while still allowing you to have fun with this exciting fabric. Velvet also pairs really nicely with leather, so feel free to style your velvet lounge suite with a leather armchair.

If you love textures and colours, then going for a layered an electric look could be exactly what you need. This would allow you to feel confident in your decision to go for a more vibrant colour, like the beautiful rosey pink we have available in our Ria, or the captivating emerald green we have in our Jonna. When you’re going for an edgy look that still feels cosy, the thing to remember is to mix lots of textures and materials together. Get cushions in various different colours, patterns and textures. Go for that massive tapestry and hang it behind the couch!

Our Ria in grey would be the perfect addition to a traditional-style space. Pairing it with neutral or muted colours like warm browns or forest greens would be an excellent way to take a trendy look and make it timeless. This can easily be achieved with some classic cushions or a large rustic rug to go underneath the timber coffee table.

All about the raw materials, clean lines and hushed tones? Velvet can be an excellent addition to the loft look you have going. If you are keen on grey tones, instead of bright colours, then velvet can provide the warmth you need, without straying too far from those industrial roots. This can easily be achieved with some black or charcoal velvet cushions on a linen lounge suite. Or, if you’re feeling up to it, get that grey velvet sofa, and make it the focal point of the room.

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