by Philippa Lobb July 22, 2019

There are many ways to add a personal touch to your living space and adding a pop of colour is a simple but effective way to do it! Minimalism will never go out of style, however, by adding just a rug, piece of artwork, or a few accessories, you can bring a little something extra to your interior.

 It can seem like a daunting idea at first but, there are many ways to add colour to a room that range from being subtle and chic to outlandish and bold. There is something for everyone no matter your comfort zone, and if you’re feeling brave you can even grab the paintbrush!



Putting plants in your living space is an easy yet effective way to bring life to your home. A few deep greens from foliage will enrich a space in a way that is warming and organic. Floral arrangements can also be added to incorporate more colours, and a bonus with these is that they can only be temporary, giving you the ability to experiment.

 Soft Hues

Adding colour doesn’t mean you have to pick the most vibrant of primary colours. Sometimes adding a softer, gentler colour palette can be just as affective. Start by adding tans, dusty pinks or mint, these pastel tones will add an extra dimension to your living space.

 A Colourful Rug

Incorporating a vibrant rug into a monochromatic space can be less bold as it isn’t in direct eye line. Guests will have to cast their eyes down to admire it, making it a perfect focal point. Also it can be placed under furniture, which can break up a large block of colour. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are decorated in all colours and patterns.


The right piece of art can make a bold statement in your home. It is there to be admired. A bold abstract piece can really pop when surrounded by simplistic furnishings and ornaments.

A Statement Piece

Bold and bright furniture can be tricky to style and can easily clash with one another. However, choosing one outlandish piece to stand out from the rest of your room can result in a stylish look. Our new limited addition drawer fronts could be the perfect stand out piece in your home, the Stone Grey colour is eye catching and a perfect statement! Another stand out piece, which never fails to draw attention, is a vibrant armchair.

Colourful Accessories

Looking for more than just one burst of colour? Mix and match your colours with different shades through your accessories. Colour opposites compliment each other well, such as blues and oranges, purples and yellows. Or if you’re feeling really brave, go for a full rainbow of shades, on a completely blank canvas this can really draw attention.

Go Big or Go Home

Love colour? Grab a paintbrush! Painting a feature wall can really create an atmosphere in a room. But, if you really want a bold look, focus on your doors. A door or frame painted in a bold primary colour can be the ultimate homage to vibrancy. It adds excitement and uniqueness. This is not for the faint hearted though; gloss paint is not to be messed with!

I hope you find these tips useful. No matter how you add colour to your space remember, these touches can make a room unapologetically you and being yourself is always fashionable.

Philippa Lobb
Philippa Lobb

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