by Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek April 01, 2019

Putting together you child’s bedroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We all want to provide the best for our children and with Meluka, you can!

Follow along below for tips on how to set up your kid’s bedroom on a budget.

The SLEEPYboy n Sto is an excellent option for smaller bedrooms, as the gorgeous natural headboard provides loads of extra storage space. Paired with our TRUNDLEbed makes sleepover stresses a thing of the past. Our BEDboy is the perfect height for a reading light. A slim unit, with a single drawer and plenty of stacking space beneath. Need somewhere to put all the clothes? We have you covered with our DRAWERrobe! This beautiful piece of furniture has space to hang clothes, as well as extra storage in the drawers provided.

TRUNDLEbed $885
DRAWERrobe $1,655
SLEEPYboy n Sto King Single $1,935

If space is not an issue, our SLEEPYboy in King Single is an excellent option. The white frame is easy to care for and will match any colour scheme you like. Our CHESTYboy 1 Bay 2 High makes for a great bedside, while allowing plenty of storage space. Our LAUNDRYboy is a stylish way to address the piles of clothing that tends to cover the floor, leaving you with a beautifully tidy area. Our 3 Crate STUDYboy is the perfect homework solution. Choose from three gorgeous colour ways and a variety of different sizes to suit your child’s needs. Needing a bit more cupboard space? Our TIDYboysare what you need! They come in two great sizes and provide space to both hang and fold your clothes. Another great option would be our CHESTYboys. The 1 Bay 4 High is the perfect size for any child’s bedroom.

TIDYboy $1,854
STUDYboy $1,050
LAUNDRYboy $595
SLEEPYboyKing Single $1,285

Room sharing is a great way to connect and create close relationships between siblings. Our bunks are the perfect solution for younger children sharing a room. The top bunk provides the older sibling with the space they need to break away every now and then, while the bottom bunk is the perfect little nook for any young child. They also come in two handy sizes, to ensure we have something for everyone. Our BUNKboy is available in King Single and our COSYbunk comes in Single. DRAWERrobesare an excellent option for storing little people’s clothing as you have the option to both fold and hang clothing. For bigger kids, our WARDrobes are an equally great option, with the added benefit of a longer drop for bigger clothes. If additional drawer space is needed, our TALLboys come in a range of different sizes and colours and would make an excellent addition to any bedroom! Having a creative homework space is a must! Our STUDYboysare the perfect solution. With enough storage space to ensure their desk can always be clean and tidy.

BUNKboy $3,499
STUDYboy $1,050
COSYbunk $2,595
WARDrobe $2,285
DRAWERrobe $1,655
TALLboy 5 Drawer$1,185

Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek
Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek

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