by Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek January 24, 2019

Whether you work from home, or have carved out a space in your home for studying or crafting, your study should be a place that calms your mind and allows you to get things done. Most often, however, that is not the case.

If you’re keen to create a space that will inspire you and bring joy and peace as you get things done, follow along below as we go over a few simple styling and tidying tips.

Whether you have an entire room to play around with, or just one small corner in your lounge, the same rules apply. 

Here at Meluka we are all about lean lines-- less is more! Tidy office = tidy mind

Do you have book cluttering your desk? Sell them. Donate them. Do whatever you need to do to clear up that space.

The same can be said for the stack of papers you just keep adding to. Look through them. Anything you haven’t reached for in the last week—either bin, or pop them in your FILEboy. It doesn’t need to be sitting on your desk.

(STUDYboy 4 Crate + FILEboy)

This one ties in nicely with number one, and is super simple. Make it a rule that you don’t leave your space a mess. This will help you feel so much more focused and ready to get back into it after your coffee break. Tidying things before getting up is a quick and easy way to keep the feelings around this space (and the work that needs doing) positive and productive, right from the get go, every single time.

(STUDYboy 2 Crate+ SLEEPYboy n Sto)

Surround yourself with imagery that inspires you! Whether you’re adding a flow diagram of your goals for the year, a picture of your family, your favourite quote, an incredible piece of art or all of the above. A reminder of why you are doing what you’re doing, and what you are working towards is a great way to stay focused.

(STUDYboy 3 Crate + Milking stool+ CHESTYboy)

Adding a bit of greenery is said to calm your mind and if you get an air purifier (yes, there are plants that are super good at this) you have the added benefit of freshness in the air that you breathe. It is also a well-known fact that the best way to add life to a space is to literally add life. So get amongst!


Okay, maybe not everything, but it is a huge deal! If your eyes are straining while you try to get your work or study done, you’ll tire out significantly faster. Lighting is also a great way to add a touch of whatever style you are after.

(STUDYboy 4 Crate)

Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek
Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek

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