by Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek October 29, 2018

There has never been more of a movement toward minimising than there is right now. Capsule wardrobes are but one example. Our TIDYboys display capsule wardrobes beautifully.

Why people have capsule wardrobes?

Overwhelmed by an untidy wardrobe? So much clutter your cupboard doors can’t close? Or you can’t find anything to wear? A capsule wardrobe might be the perfect way for you to start thinking smarter about what you put in your closet. Capsule wardrobes are fun, and in the long run, much easier on the wallet. The main idea behind it, is buying less and loving every piece you have, instead of having more than you can handle and feeling mediocre whenever you wear it.

What people love about a capsule wardrobes:

  • Getting ready and packing is easier and faster
  • Saving time and money because less time is spent shopping
  • Loving and actually wearing all the clothing in the wardrobe
  • Discovering individual style and feeling more like themselves as they find confidence in what they wear

 How to create a Capsule Wardrobe in a few easy steps

  1. It may sound silly, but write down your why. Why do you want to start a capsule wardrobe? As with any change, if you don’t have solid reasons for making it, it won’t be sustainable.
  1. Next, get absolutely every single item of clothing you own in one place. Take it out of your LAUNDRYboy, grab the things out of your WARDrobe and throw it all in one massive pile on your SLEEPYboy.

  1. Pick a goal number. The average size of capsule wardrobes varies significantly. Some people have one capsule for the entire year, others like to separate their capsules by season. As this is your first capsule wardrobe, let’s focus only on the clothing you’ll need for this season. It can be any number from 30-37.Often the likes of pyjamas and loungewear are not included in these numbers. While you can definitely make adjustments to the size of your capsule along the way as need be, it is important to keep this initial number in mind throughout the season so that you can maintain your minimalized wardrobe.

  1. Then, go through all the clothing on your bed, piece by piece and decide whether that piece matches what you have envisioned for your capsule wardrobe. It is easiest to go through category by category. Start with shirts, then pants, then dresses and so on.

  1. Make a discard/donate pile and make a pile that you want to save for other seasons. You don’t have to throw everything away if you have things that are for occasional wear or are of sentimental value, keep them aside and put them somewhere other than your normal closet. If you happen to have a maybe pile, keep that aside. Anything that you do not go looking for in a few weeks can be donated. The idea is to keep only the things you wear every day in your wardrobe.


Discard guide: 
It’s simple really, ask yourself these two questions:
Do you love it?
Do you wear it?

Tips to keep it your wardrobe concise:

    • Only buy no-brainers. If in doubt, leave out
    • Only buy if the fit is perfect, and the colour and style are right
    • Only buy versatile items that you can pair with several other things in your closet
    • Never buy just because it’s an amazing deal. You’ll save money in the long run by sticking to an intentional wardrobe!
    • Be willing to invest in good-quality things you love

  1. Write down what items you still need. It takes time to get your capsule fully figured out and fully functional. Be patient.
Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek
Shalomé Vlaardingerbroek

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