Styling Shared Bedrooms With Meluka

Styling Shared Bedrooms With Meluka

Room sharing is becoming more popular as it is a great way for your children to create close relationships whilst teaching them some valuable life lessons. Plus, it’s economical for all you parents out there! Styling this bedroom space can be exciting, your little ones are moving on to the next stage in their childhood and you want their room to encompass the little people they’re becoming, whilst being a safe space for them to continue to grow. However, accomplishing this all in one space can be challenging!


The Perfect Beds

Bunk or no bunk? The choice is yours! The main factor that can sway this decision is the size of your space. A bunk bed generally lends itself better to a smaller room as it gives you more floor space to work with than two single beds. If you’re also worried about compromising on storage space, then don’t. Because both our COSYbunk and SLEEPYboy fit our BEDsto beneath them, perfect for hiding away extra clothing or toys.









No Clutter

We understand that possibly the most important feature you need in your children’s bedroom is functionality. It’s inevitable that with children comes clutter and being able to hide this clutter away quickly and efficiently is a parents dream. Our LOWboys and BOOKboys are ideal for this, being able to store both toys and books. Especially with our Crates for organising all those little blocks of Lego or Duplo. Keeping them all together in one place, but making it easy for them to be pulled out and emptied during play time! Our SLEEPYboy n Sto also offers some great extra storage options without losing any precious floor space.

Compact Clothing Storage

Twice the children, means twice the clothing! You’d therefore think that you’d need twice the space in order to store it all, but not with our TALLboys and CHESTYboys! They give you the option to grow your storage upwards, with up to eight drawers or outwards, with our 2 Bay CHESTYboys giving you a larger display area on top. Either way you will have more than enough storage for your little one’s outfits come rain or shine.









Pick a Theme

Having a theme can really tie a room together, even if that theme is just a colour. Our Meluka Limited Edition Drawer Fronts are a perfect addition of colour, easily added by incorporating just a few units! It is also possible to just purchase our drawer fronts, making it easy and inexpensive to change colour palette as your little ones grow. Another easy way to get around having to fully redecorate is to use accessories to display the theme, as we have done in the our space room below. These accessories can easily be changed as your children get older!









Lastly, we know at Meluka how satisfying it can be to coordinate your room décor, however in a shared room it is important to still give your children their individuality. Letting your children choose their own bedding or giving them a shelf to decorate with their own trinkets can help their personalities bloom whilst living alongside each other.

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