How to Choose Your Perfect Lounge Suite

How to Choose Your Perfect Lounge Suite

We at Meluka understand that this is a big decision. This investment will hopefully last you at least 7 years if not more and you want to know that it's money well spent. Here’s some of our top tips on what you should think about and questions you should ask when searching for your new couch, and fingers crossed you will end up with zero regrets!


 1. Measure Up

Spontaneous sofa shopping, although fun, can lead to disappointment when you realise the lounge suite you’ve fallen in love with doesn’t fit in your home. Therefore, before you dive right in, make sure you’ve measured your space and know your absolute size limit. Another thing to measure, which is often over looked is your doorways. Plan an entry route to the room your sofa will be placed in, this helps the deliverymen as well as hopefully preventing any dents or scrapes to your new lounge suite or your home. 

2. Practicality

In what room is your sofa going? The living room, kitchen, maybe even the playroom? Pick a material that suits your lifestyle, pets and children. When looking into fabrics think about factors such as stain resistance and durability, as well as how easy they are to clean. Are they machine washable or dry-clean only? Asking these questions now can save you a lot of time and effort down the line.


3. Functionality 

Do you want your sofa to offer more than just a comfy seat for your guests? Such as providing extra storage or a pull out bed? It is common nowadays that your spare bedroom masquerades as a living space until you become the host to your friends, and at that point you need a quick and easy solution. At Meluka we offer some great sofa bed options so you can find one that suits you without having to compromise.


4. Style and Comfort

In today’s day and age you should not have to compromise on comfort for style or vise versa. Modern design is more than capable of providing both and you should strive to find it! When choosing your style try to remember that trends do come and go, therefore try and pick a timeless, classical design.


 5. Try Before You Buy

It’s great to do your research but realistically if it’s not comfortable to sit on then it’s not the one. Go down to your local showroom and spend a while relaxing, try to spend at least 10 minutes on each lounge suite to get a real feel of it. 

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