Styling Bookshelves

Styling Bookshelves

Shelving can be used as both storage and a display area. With the right placement you can make this functional space a stylish addition to your home. Here’s some tips on what we add to our Meluka BOOKboys!


Plants are always good to have in your home. They oxygenate the air, which has been proven to improve productivity and boost your mood. Of course if you’re not so good at keeping them alive, fake plants look just as realistic nowadays! Go for contrasting sizes and colours, here at Meluka we particularly like plants that hang downwards rather than growing up. They cascade over shelves breaking up sections and softening the geometric shelving.


Artwork and family photos take your shelving away from being too staged. You want your home to look effortlessly styled and tasteful, but lived in. Take advantage of the display space shelving gives you and create your own mini gallery of paintings or framed photos of loved ones, or both! Put your stamp on it.


Shelving is ideal for books! Our shelving being called BOOKboys is a bit of a giveaway. However they don’t have to be vertically stacked alongside one another in the traditional style. Try stacking your books on top of each other; this adds more interest to the eye producing both horizontal and vertical lines. It can also be nice to put smaller decorative pieces on top of these books, providing them with a pedestal.

Decorative Pieces

Express your style, be it scandi, boho or eclectic, display your favourite pieces! They don’t all have to be specific to a theme; they could be family heirlooms or treasured pieces from travels around the globe. This is your space fill it with things that matter to you.

Softer Items

Shelving may not seem the most conventional place to keep blankets and cushions but they can add large blocks of pattern or colour that bring life to a setting. If you’re also struggling to fill your shelving with items then these larger pieces can easily fill at least one or more sections.

More isn’t always better

It’s easy to over do it. You keep adding that ‘one more piece’ and before you know it your shelving is crammed and beginning to look cluttered. If you have nowhere else to store your items but you want to avoid your shelving looking too full, our Crates make a great solution! They hide any excess items, like kids toys, whilst keeping your shelving minimal.

Finally, take a step back

When you think you’re finished styling, take a look from a distance. A change of perspective can often make it a lot easier to see what isn’t quite in keeping with its surroundings. It may even take a few days of little adjustments here and there until you’re completely happy but you’ll get there and it will be completely worth it.

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