Reading Nook Styling Tips

Reading Nook Styling Tips

Reading nooks are the perfect place to relax and recoup! What could be more calming than the comfiest chair in the house, a massive mug of tea and a giant cozy throw?

Problem is that these spaces can often turn into unused areas of our home simply because we didn’t style them with comfort in mind. The cat suddenly claims it as her chair and you’re not in the mood to fight back. Or worse. It becomes ‘the chair.’ You know the one I mean. The one with all the clothes you’ve warn in the last two weeks that are too clean to go in the wash and you’re too lazy to pop them back in the cupboard…

If any of this sounds like a bit of you and you are looking for a way to reclaim your beloved reading nook, or you’re new to all this and you’re keen to create a space you’ll enjoy, follow along as we go through some styling tips on how to create a space you’ll spend your day looking forward to!

Location, Location, Location
Before you can start putting together your reading nook, you’ll have to decide where it should go. Reading nooks take up very little foot space and location is everything! Is there a dead zone in your lounge? Or maybe an untouched spot in your hallway? Do you have a window seat in your bedroom that you never use? Almost any corner of your home would work as a tranquil space, dedicated to literature and coziness.

Light bulb!
The fact that lighting is a priority should come as no surprise to any keen reader. When designing your reading nook it can be tempting to choose lights that ‘look cool’. While we’re not saying you have to choose something ugly, we do highly recommend choosing something that has it’s functionality as a key selling point. The last thing you want is to end up with a headache because you’ve been straining your eyes during what should have been a relaxing reading sesh. A couple of great lighting options include a floor lamp that illuminates over-the-shoulder or a small reading lamp on your side table. That being said, ambient and task lighting need to be combined in order to ensure you have a created a comfortable reading environment. Having only bright lighting will add an unnecessary and unneeded harshness to the area that will certainly be off-putting.

Love Yourshelf!
Whether you are the kind of person who gets so engrossed in a book that you cannot put it down until you have read every last word, or you like to jump from title to title depending on your mood, you’ll need a space to keep your volumes. In the perfect world, that ‘place’ could be close to (if not part of) your reading nook. Things to consider: Do you have built-in bookcases? Will you need to shop for shelves?  Do you have a home library where most of your books live and your nook is only for what you’re currently reading? Or is your entire collection displayed beside your nook? In order to give your shelves some movement, stack your books both vertically and horizontally. If you don’t have or want a bookshelf, stand-alone floating wall shelves are a very popular choice in modern reading corners. 

The Most Comfortable Seat in the House
While choosing the latest, most fashionable chair is very tempting, I highly recommend considering the space’s main purpose. Which, in case you were unsure, is comfort. You want this to be the best and most comfortable seat in the entire house. And so it should be! It should be the seat everyone fights over (but mom always gets). You could choose anything from a cushiony armchair to a window seat covered in fluffy throws. Or even a daybed. Or maybe a chaise layered in warm blankets. You options are endless! Remember to keep your space simple, as clutter will quickly overwhelm the space (and your mind.)

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