Styling Small Spaces || Bedroom

Styling Small Spaces || Bedroom

Calling all small space dwellers! Whether you’re into apartment living, vintage home layouts, or modern space downsizing, we have some tips that are great for expanding the possibilities of small.

If you’re in need of a bedroom makeover, but feel like you don’t have enough bedroom to work with, welcome, we’re glad you found us. We’ll be talking about how small spaces and be really lovely and stylish.

Modern living pushes the idea of having a king-sized bed in your study-lounge-bedroom, but let’s not forget the real purpose of this area is for you to rest and recharge. And you really don’t need much to do so.

It may be tempting to choose the biggest most luxurious bed you can find. But don’t. King and Super King sized beds are guaranteed to make your space feel cramped and overcrowded. Find something subtle and small to compliment the space. Beds that generally work well for smaller rooms are slim designs, with a smaller head and footboard (or no footboard at all) as this is a great way to save space and create the illusion of openness.

When styling small bedrooms, rounded edges are your best friend. They take up less floor space and help widen the room. Half circle bedsides and round ottomans with secret storage are the perfect example of this.

When choosing your bedroom’s colour palette, there are usually two options—light or dark.Getting into the deeps reds, burnt oranges and other such autumn colours is a great way to express darker hues, especially when paired with darker chocolate timbers.

Alternatively, you could go for light and breezy, with bright pops of colour. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a bit of colour, this would be an excellent place to do so, as colour tends to be less overwhelming in a smaller space, especially when used as accents.

If you prefer to keep your bedroom to be simple, and want everything to be white, we recommend using different textures to help add personality to your space.

It is also worth mentioning that light colours tend to enhance the feeling of space whereas darker hues tend to close in on what is within the space, lightening up your walls and furnishings.

Most bedroom styles prefer to have the bed centered on the wall. However, a narrow room, with little floor space calls for a deviation. Instead, tuck your bed against the wall in the corner. Add a shelf above the head of the bed with some nice hanging lights and you have yourself a stylish bedroom.

If floor space is limited, but you have higher ceilings, consider moving up! This works really well in kids' bedrooms, when adding bunks, but can also be a really great option in the master bedroom if need be. Adding a loft or platform for your bed, will allow for plenty of storage underneath, and even a desk if needed. This layout isn’t for everyone, but for those who don’t mind literally climbing into bed, this will transform your space.

Just because your room is small, doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Add a splash of colour or a bold wallpaper to create a statement wall. This could also act as a headboard wall if you so desire. When choosing wallpaper with a pattern, select a large-scale pattern over a small, busy one. Don’t forget to ensure that your wallpaper matches the overall look and feel you are trying to create in this space. Having it match the style of your setup is very important.

Embrace minimalism! This space is undeniably about the bed, so keep the furniture pieces to a minimum. This could be a great opportunity to look at what you have in your bedroom and to get rid of any redundant pieces of furniture, or even clothing that you haven’t worn in years.

When decorating small rooms, it is really important to sneak in storage when and wherever possible! Bookshelves are excellent. Bedsides with drawers are a must and closets with an organiser system will save you hours.

Remember that this is a very personal space in your home so only decorate your bedroom with things that make you happy.

Mirrors are great for visually expanding a room. Hang them on a cupboard, lean them against a wall. The more light you are able to get it to reflect, the more this simple piece of glass will add to your space.

When deciding on which window furnishings to get, choosing long flowy curtains, and hanging them closer to the ceiling makes the room feel taller and a lot more spacious. If you don’t believe that this small change can make such a MASSIVE difference to the feel of the room, get someone to hold the curtains low and then higher, and watch the magic happen.

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